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My animator had the idea of taking really messed-up jokes and turning them into skits. Here’s our first try. It’s offensive.


Just another horrible thought I’ve had:

This is true, by the way:





Just a silly thing I thought of.


This is a bizarre thought I had the other day. I always wonder why things turn out the way they do. This is just an extreme version of that.

I warn people from time to time that my humor is not for everyone. Sometimes, people listen. And sometimes, I get angry comments posted on my videos.

I don’t know why I think such weird things. Inspired by planting a tree.

Robots Have No Feelings

Posted: May 10, 2011 in All, Comedy, YouTube
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It’s OK to make fun of robots, because they don’t have souls.

A silly video I made:

Hallucinations and other fun:

How I lied to my daughter about the Easter Bunny and other fiction (humor):

I upload one new video to my channel every week:

Also once a week, probably on Tuesday, I will write a little about each entry.

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