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Posted: October 20, 2011 in All, Mosaics, Scripts
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Page layout: Panel 1-4 is very small, so small they could fit across the top, in one row of pictures at the top of the page. Panel 5 is as big as it can be.

Panel 1. Small panel. Perceptor is diligently tinkering with a contraption. He is oblivious to what’s going on around him. He’s trying to solder together a microchip.

Panel 2. The same basic scene, but it shakes a little.

Sound                                 FX BOOM!

Panel 3. Same basic thing again, but it looks like he’s gotten it fixed. His concentrated expression should be unchanged.

Panel 4. Also a small panel. Close on his face. Brushes away a drop of mechanical fluid as a laser goes past his face. We don’t see where the mech fluid is coming from. His concentration hasn’t changed.

Panel 5. Big panel. There’s a huge war erupted outside Autobot base. On the Autobots side: Sky Lynx is leading Perceptor, Hardhead, Highbrow, Wheelie (yes, Wheelie), Fastlane and Cloudraker. The Decepticons are lead by Sixshot, and contain Apeface, Snapdragon, Weirdwolf, Slugslinger, Triggerhappy, Ruckus, Crankcase, and Cindersaur.

Sky Lynx’s wing is cut. He’s in mid-battle with Sixshot. Maybe Sixshot is in wolf mode and is clamped on, tearing his wing off, and shredding with his claws. Fastlane is down, and his twin is holding him, trying to protect him, firing into the cluster of Decepticons that are surrounding them.

Perceptor is in the middle of it, but not fighting. He’s working on some kind of machine. It looks like it’s part of the Autobot base’s defense systems.

Cloudraker                        Fastlane’s down! We’re being overrun!

Hardhead                          Perceptor! You’ve got 3 guns! Use ’em!

Panel 6. Perceptor, without saying a word, fuses two wires together. The machine hums to life. Now, we can see his full face, and we can see that he’s got a huge gash across his forehead, and that’s where the mech fluid is leaking from.


Panel 7. An EMP pulse erupts from the machine, going through all the Transformers.

Sound FX                              TCHOOOOOWWW

Panel 8. The Decepticons drop, incapacitated. The sound FX is from Decepticons falling out of the sky. The Autobots are unaffected.

Sound FX                               Crash! Crunch!

Hardhead                              Heh. Still like my way better.

Panel 9. Perceptor looks around at the wounded, he has his welder in his hand. Slight smile on his face.

Perceptor                           On to the next task. Who is in the most dire need of repair?

The pen is mightier than the sword!