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You know those things people post on Facebook that are just a phrase on a colored background? Well, someone posted a saying that there is something that a woman can shut down – the Republican party.

In response, I created this. It shows something else women have a lot of control over.

It’s in handy bumper sticker form if you click on it.


For Todd Akin.


Be honest with your mother.

Sure, you love her. But is she the best mom in the whole world? How many moms have you met to compare her to?

This year, for Mother’s Day, give her a gift that says “I love you” without exaggerating.




And in shirt form:






Just another horrible thought I’ve had:

True story! Not really.


Not really religious…in case you’re easily offended…

Snake sounds like an evil version of the guy who narrates movie trailers. “In a world…where things are not as they seem…” He has this menacing tone to him that makes it sound like if he was narrating a movie, he’d want all the characters to die.

Snake also really, really enjoys what he does. There’s a subtle element of glee when he’s threatening someone.

I imitated Snake for an animated movie:

In order to do the voice, I watched a bunch of clips of the voice actor, David Hayter, mostly spoofing himself. Hope you enjoy!


A very simple idea I thought of.

This is true, by the way:





Just a silly thing I thought of.


This is a bizarre thought I had the other day. I always wonder why things turn out the way they do. This is just an extreme version of that.

Sadly, this is a true story…