About Me

I’m a stay-at-home dad who freelances for a few small local newspapers and a toy industry website, TDMonthly.com. I do other freelance work, but those are the only regular gigs. Feel free to contact me for more.

My short story “The Comic” appeared in New England Writer’s Digest in 1994.

My self-published comic book “Dave the Potatoe” ran in 2000-ish.

My fake news site is here:


I make silly videos and post them here:


Thanks for stopping by,

~Chris Lundy

  1. Jose says:

    Hey Chris,
    Had the privelage to read/own various Dave The Potatoe Comics from attending Pittsburgh Comicons. Just want you to know that they were absolutely life changing. Thank you for teaching me the stare of a thousand eyeballs. And introducing me to James Joyce’s work. Taught me how to make pasta. How could I ever repay you my friend? Those weren’t just any old comic books for me. Thanks is all I can say, and its awesome to see that youre still alive and writing =D wish Dave had a website.or was online at all? you know how hard it was to find this thread? mista Lundy, thank you once again, will check out your youtube channel and obscure news site!

    i pen my works for i, say they that i write
    took me many years to perfect

    • Wow! Very kind words from my first fan! Seriously, you were the first person to really get our humor. Good to see you’re out there. And somehow managed to find me.

      What did we call you once? Todd? I think we pretended you were our inker when they were handing out McDonald’s and called you “Todd our Inker.”

      Dave the Potatoe made it to 4 issues. It doesn’t feel that old, but it came out before everything was online. When scanned in, you can’t read the dialogue. So, we’d have to do a bit of cleaning up before it went online. And we’d also want to, you know, have issue 5 done. It’s definitely a goal, but one of many.

      Your comments really took me by surprise. Thank you so much!

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