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Just another horrible thought I’ve had:


True story! Not really.


Not really religious…in case you’re easily offended…

Snake sounds like an evil version of the guy who narrates movie trailers. “In a world…where things are not as they seem…” He has this menacing tone to him that makes it sound like if he was narrating a movie, he’d want all the characters to die.

Snake also really, really enjoys what he does. There’s a subtle element of glee when he’s threatening someone.

I imitated Snake for an animated movie:

In order to do the voice, I watched a bunch of clips of the voice actor, David Hayter, mostly spoofing himself. Hope you enjoy!

This is true, by the way:




This is a bizarre thought I had the other day. I always wonder why things turn out the way they do. This is just an extreme version of that.

A little less offensive than my usual work.


My latest YouTube video.

Being a parent makes you strive to be better than who you really are.

New Year’s and funny videos

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Some more deep thoughts by me, channeling Phil Hartman’s Jack Handey:

New Year’s:

Once I Wept For I Had No Shoes

And here’s some older fake news stories I did but I never put on the blog:

Chris Brown Ordered to Stay 50 Yards From a Recording Studio

3 New Mountain Dew Game Fuel Flavors:

Is it really unintentional humor?

When Scholastic publishes a book about collecting nuts in a nut sack, how could they not realize what they’re doing? Or a “Miss Spider” game with a terribly sexual version of Frogger?

Watch these videos and decide if these mistakes could be anything but intentional.

Get the Nuts

Inappropriate children’s products

Lost writer’s plane crashes

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Got a new video up on YouTube: