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When writing political articles – particularly election previews – I always strive for fairness. And after a while, some of the politicians know that about me. And they’ve told that to me…but lately I’ve been doubting their intentions.

I always get both sides. In election previews, I do a word count so that one candidate doesn’t get too many more words.

Some people have said to me “Your article was really fair.” At first, I took that as a compliment. After a while, I started looking at it as a left-handed compliment. As in, “I really wish you had only told my side of things, but your article was fair.” One person told me I walked a razor line with one of my stories.

Now, I’m seeing another side – a veiled threat. For example: I’ve heard “I know you’ve always been fair” several times. But sometimes I think the full thought is “I know you’ve always been fair…and you better let me have my say as well.”