How Beauty and the Beast Should Have Ended

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Children's books and movies
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We brought our daughter to see “Beauty and the Beast,” re-released in the theater. (We saw it in 2D, however!) I got to thinking of a better fate for Gaston, the movie’s villain.

He’s probably one of the more personal villains in Disney movies. And his goals and the ways he goes about it are more cruel than the power-hungry villains like Aladdin’s Jafar. But I was always surprised he died at the end.

What should have happened is that he falls….and lands on Lefou, the toady. Lefou is then seen as a hero in the people’s eyes, and Gaston becomes his toady.

Jafar, Ursula, or Scar…they will never rest, so of course they die at the end of movies. But Gaston is the type of character that utter humiliation is worse than death.




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  1. I’m a huge Beauty and the Beast fan, and that’s an alternate ending I never considered. I see a fanfic waiting to happen…

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