Stephen King inspired by Hurricane Irene?

Posted: August 28, 2011 in All, Horror
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This morning, the weather channel listed Bangor, Maine as along the destructive path of Hurricane Irene.


It’s probably Flagg’s fault.


You see, most of Stephen King’s stories take place in and around Maine, with Bangor being a hotbed of demons, psychos and curses. By next year, we’ll be seeing his next bestseller about a family that loses power in the storm, and a drifter asks to stay with them and they can’t turn him away, but he’s secretive and creepy, and the hurricane winds bring in some kind of winged creatures, and the father must overcome his alcoholism.


Writers can be inspired by anything. And to see the awesome power of a storm of this magnitude – it will certainly get the creative juices flowing. However, right now, the real horror show is just outside. I’m too terrified to even open my curtain to see the 60-foot trees swaying like a “wacky inflatable flailing arm tube man.”


Maybe after this all blows over, and it calms down a bit, I’ll find some inspiration.





  1. There’s nothing quite like reality to hit you with force.. After that, you can wrap it in fiction and let it be enjoyed by all..

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