Really, Waspinator?

Posted: July 21, 2011 in All, Transformers
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I was very surprised when the Hasbro 2011 Transformers Hall of Fame Fan Choice Winner was Waspinator. But then again, I’m not.

Obviously, there was a pretty organized groundswell of voters pushing for him. In a way, that’s a shame. It shows the process can be tampered with the way Howard Stern urged listeners to vote for Antonella Barba on American Idol because some nude photos of her emerged. (Since then, she hasn’t been the only one who’s had pictures show up, to be fair.) And it seems like every time there’s a public contest, someone tries to jury-rig it. And that’s too bad that people feel the need to do this. So on one hand, vote early, vote often for who you really believe in and don’t listen to people who are trying to mess with things.

However, Waspinator is actually not a bad choice. When I think about Beast Wars, I think about Dinobot’s fall, and Tarantulas’ deceptions, and the changes in the characters when they went to Beast Machines. And inevitably, any Beast Wars conversation features “Oooohhh, Wazzzpinatorrrr!”

And it’s also a good thing to broaden the mainstay characters. The line is going to become stagnant if we only honor the same dozen or so characters. We need to encompass all factions if we are to keep the franchise fresh. Welcome to the inner circle, Waspinator.


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