Child’s Play International submission

Posted: June 5, 2011 in All, Submissions
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I had sent a board book script to Child’s Play International. A few months later, I received the following e-mail:

Many thanks for sending me your manuscript which I enjoyed reading.

Unfortunately, the Child’s Play publishing programme is complete for the

foreseeable future and we are unable to accept your work for publication.


Because of the large number of manuscripts we receive every month, it is

impossible for us to offer criticism on individual projects.


Best regards

Sue Baker

Child’s Play International


Looking at their publishing list ( I don’t know that my storybook would have definitely fit in. And maybe that was my mistake.




Every week, I try to send something out to publishers. Finding markets, my opinion of them, writing queries and cover letters – I’ll write about it here, every Submission Sunday.


  1. Sending something out to a publisher every week is a great strategy; it shows persistence and in the end, doing it so regularly is bound to cause success. Keep up that weekly goal and good luck!

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