Lady Gaga is a nerd

Posted: May 26, 2011 in All, TV
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Looking at her face during American Idol, I imagined that without all the make-up she’d look just like Marilyn Manson without all the make-up.

She was an art student, reportedly, and it seems that she’s got a Warholian gift for transforming her performances into talking points.

But deep down, beneath the meat dresses and the music, she’s a nerd. She’s a student of art, and a student of how to draw attention to herself. She puts the same amount of work into creating her “Lady Gaga” character as I would creating a half-elf paladin.

What I Learned: Maybe the word calculating has too strong a negative connotation, but if I was writing a character based on that kind of a media-savvy performing/performance artist, I would make her a very calm, very focused thinker. The outlandish performance artist is an act, and it’s origin is an Annie Lennox-styled contemplation on how to reinvent yourself and how to challenge people’s perceptions.

PS: I really like the idea of her donating $1 million to charity, and having people choose where it goes.

Disclaimer/background: I’m a traditionalist. I don’t think people should break rules of storytelling unless there’s a good reason. I write comic books, short fiction and children’s books. Just to put my comments in perspective, these are my interests and favorites: My favorite superhero is Spider-Man, and I also like Justice League and Batman. My favorite comic writers lately have been Kurt Busiek, Peter David, and Geoff Johns. I am a huge Transformers fan. In children’s books, I go either simple or meta: either really simple stories or books about stories. In movies and books, I am more impressed with something small that makes me feel something rather than something I’m told is a “must-read” or a must-see.”

I make silly videos and post them here:


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