Submission: Cat book to Chronicle

Posted: May 15, 2011 in All, Submissions
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When I find a book I like, I check who published it. A lot of times I’ve seen those little eyeglasses logo peering up at me. So I’m sending my next book to Chronicle Books.

My picture book is about an event told from the point of view of my two cats. It’s quirky, and has personality, and that’s why I chose this particular company. I think they’d “get it.”

So, I tailored my cover letter toward them, keeping in mind all the books I’ve seen by them, crossed my fingers and tossed it in the mail.

In other news, I received my rejection from Interzone this week as well. They have very well written rejection e-mails.


Every week, I try to send something out to publishers. Finding markets, my opinion of them, writing queries and cover letters – I’ll write about it here, every Submission Sunday.


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