In defense of “Nu Thang,” the viral Christian rap hit

Posted: May 14, 2011 in All, Comedy, YouTube
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A link to Nu Thang, in which a kid raps about God and Jesus.

Honestly, the lyrics are not terrible.

Hear me out on this. He’s rapping about how God has been the same throughout time, but he’s now using rap through the voice of a child to get the message across. That’s not a bad idea for a song. I’m not religious at all, but I thought it had a nice sentiment.

In fact, the song is in my head right now. With a little (lot) of polish, that could be a half-way decent tune.

What’s cringeworthy about the video is the cheesy dance moves and stilted movements. I, however, dance just like this at weddings, so when I cringe it’s because “I’m with you, bro.” His delivery is awkward, with all the expressions (“Hit me!”) carefully scripted in. The Casio back beat is one step up from Ross on Friends.

But the lyrics themselves, and the idea behind it, are pretty solid.

The cheesiness of it is way worse than the song itself: the scary balloons are the only decoration on the stage, the host’s pompadour hair, and the boy’s MC Hammer pants. Unfortunately, he said his name several times, so you can find him if you want. Fortunately, his name is pretty common, so he could still hide if he wanted to.

I say don’t hide. If he wrote this song all by himself, that’s awesome! Good for him! he should be proud of himself.

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