Post-Apocalyptic scifi to Interzone

Posted: April 18, 2011 in All, Submissions
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Last week, I sent out a post-apocalyptic story with a really disturbing ending. My wife hates this story.

I first checked out The Absent River Review, a collection of fantasy, horror and science fiction. The work on this magazine was very clean and professional. I read “Gnawing At The Root” by Kevin Pinkham. The required word count wasn’t right.

But Interzone had the right word count. I sent it there for consideration. One thing I like about their submission guidelines:

  • Please include a covering letter but don’t worry too much about it, just introduce yourself and list any relevant credits, things like that. If you’ve never been published before tell us that too — we’ve published many debut stories over the years.

After everything you read about submissions, it feels good when a prominent publisher says “relax.”

Every week, I try to send something out to publish. I’ll write about it here, every Submission Sunday.


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