Too Many Villains Spoils The Plot

Posted: February 20, 2011 in All, Comic Books, Movies, Reviews
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Sometimes writers like to pile on the villains, and somehow they think this makes it better.

I believe I’ve said it before, that the thrill you get when a character shows up is no substitute for them actually doing something.

This X-Force “Angels and Demons” story I just read has Donald Pierce and Cameron Hodge and a host of others. It’s kind of cool for that, but at the same time, enough already.

Also, if you pile on the baddies too much, they become generic. In Robin: Year One (I think) Robin single-handedly takes on Mr. Freeze and two other A-listers, maybe Joker and Poison Ivy, I can’t remember now. But individually, Batman’s top villains are a danger to him and any sidekick, and you mean to tell me that this kid is going to take them all on in one of his first adventures? Besides, why would all these villains team up anyway?

I guess part of it is fatigue. How many times have you seen a huge villain team-up? It has to mean something.

So, the lesson here is if you team up multiple villains, make sure of the following things:

1. They have a good plot. A bunch of villains all coming together for one big fight is not a plot.

2. They’re personalities are accurate. They can’t just ignore their eccentricities and interpersonal issues in order to streamline the story.


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