Superman’s Death Post-Mortem Review

Posted: January 29, 2011 in All, Comic Books, Reviews
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World Without A Superman

This graphic novel collects the stories that happened directly after Superman’s death.

Some of it is heart-wrenching, particularly with the Kents. Watching Pa Kent on the operating table was grueling.

But then there were the Newsboys and other weird things that I could have done without. I guess in the long run, they all were a part of the story, but it just felt weird. This is a Superman book. He’s dead and instead of reading about him we get Cadmus clone Newsboys?

Again, this is being read more than a decade after it was published. So I can read this, knowing he’ll be back, and read with a writer’s curiosity of how the story will go. But I don’t know that I’d be so happy if I were a regular Superman reader. Month by month without him.

I guess it has the same feel as when Lois Lane or Jimmy Olsen had their own comics. They were the central character, whose lives were affected by Superman.

Return of Superman

I think the difference between now and then is that now every single issue of every single DC comic would have a Death of Superman tie-in and have to be collected. I was reading this thinking “Where is Wonder Woman in all this?” I’m sure she mentioned it in her comic, but I’m surprised there wasn’t more.

A Writer’s Conclusion

The stories are still strong, and still held up over the years. As a writer, I would have known what kind of an impact this story was going to have and I would have made it more accessible to any reader.

For instance, the classic “Killing Joke” Batman story: I can lend that out to anyone without any explanation. You don’t even need to know that Barbara Gordon was Batgirl. With the Superman death trilogy, you need an introduction and some background material.

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