Final Crisis Review

Posted: November 11, 2010 in All, Comic Books, Reviews
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I don’t like to be negative about another writer. After all, they poured their heart, soul, and a lot of time into their work. So, I’ll talk about some good work first.

“Fantastic Four 1 2 3 4” stands out in my mind as among the best stories the team has been in. Dr. Doom systematically takes them down one at a time. Finally, he comes for Reed at the end of the third issue. And the cliffhanger has Doom asking what Reed’s been doing wasting away in his little laboratory while the people he loves are being attacked. Reed says, “Well, Victor, I’ve been thinking…”

Chills. Such a great cliffhanger.

It was written by Grant Morrison. So I had high hopes for “Final Crisis.”

I get it. It was a farce, in every definition. It was taking crossover event comics to an extreme to see just how much you can push it before fans say “No.”

He supposedly said in an interview: “And it’s taking a lot of trends that I see in comics and pushing them to the max to see, ‘do we really want it to be like this’?” Well, I guess we learned the answer is “no.”

I’m not a fan of Orion, but to kill him off so unceremoniously was just disrespectful to the character and to the hundreds of creators who have worked on him over the decades. And then to do the same to Martian Manhunter. At this point, I logged out. Mentally. Just didn’t care what happened the rest of the story. When he was brought back in “Blackest Night,” I shrugged, because in my mind he shouldn’t have been dead to begin with.

It was as if some bully came over your house, broke your toys, and left you to clean up the mess.

It bothers me when a creator does what they want without the understanding that these are real characters who have existed for decades before you and would have existed for decades after you if you hadn’t screwed them up.

I know the purpose of the story was to unite certain elements and prepare the DCU for events. But it was very blatant. Forced.

My friend said “He brought back the Flash.”

Yeah. He also brought back Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew.

I get that it’s supposed to be meta. You can do meta and still have a good story. Like Astro City.

I had intended to buy Batman 700 when it came out, but knowing he wrote it, I won’t. I know I won’t like it. A lot of the aftermath stories by other writers have been pointless as well.

When Alan Moore wanted to alter or destroy a bunch of old characters, DC wouldn’t let him. Instead, he just made up new versions and created “Watchmen.” If you know the old characters, you know who Rorschach and everyone else is supposed to be.

Someone should have stopped Morrison from doing this. “Final Crisis” should have been an Elseworlds.


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