Just Drive

Posted: October 18, 2010 in All, Children's books and movies, Comedy, Comic Books, Movies, Prose, TV
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There’s a scene in a PvP comic where Brent and Cole are going for a ride. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the comic or the characters. (But go to http://www.pvponline.com to learn about them.)

Brent is adjusting his playlist, sipping his coffee, checking his mirrors, looking at himself in the mirror, having a breath mint….

“Will you just drive!” Cole shouts.

We have become slaves to our comfort levels.

I find that I can’t just sit down to write. I have to waste time at YouTube or something for a few minutes until I feel guilty enough to do something real. And even then, I stare at the blank screen for a while.

So here’s the challenge. Just sit down and write. Don’t let any of your “comforts” interfere. It might even be better to write someplace you’ve never written before. Laptop or notebook is necessary, obviously.

Because all our comforts are really just distractions.


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