Content vs. Articles

Posted: September 13, 2010 in All, Media

I’m been hunting for a lot of freelance work on Guru and Freelancer and the same situation keeps popping up. Someone wants me to write a 400 word article for a dollar.

How can this be an informative article and not a mishmash of probably inaccurate statements pulled off the Internet? How much work are you going to do for a dollar?

We all know that the net is the last place to look for real information, but this is just making the problem worse. All these companies are just throwing garbage into the world’s mental stream, and some of that is going to wash ashore.

It’s really dumbing down the world. (“Dumbing” got picked up by my spell check, by the way.)

I can’t work on these projects. I care too much about what I write to have it be wrong or careless.

“Content” has a negative connotation to me. It is a very bland term, and it makes me think of something put up on a web site to fill white space.

When an employer is posting a job to write “articles,” they don’t want well-researched, well-thought-out articles. They want SEO-driven drivel.

There have also been a lot of jobs for hiring people to write blogs and comment in chat rooms extolling the virtues of a specific product. So, keep in mind these things the next time you go looking up information or advice online: it’s probably just an ad.


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