Wonder Woman movie ideas

Posted: August 9, 2010 in All, Comic Books, Movies
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Much has been said about the difficulty in bringing Wonder Woman to the silver screen, so I’ll just mention some ideas I have.

The plot should revolve around two things: being an outsider and being a warrior.

Wonder Woman has a dual origin. 1. She is created from clay. This could get weird. Don’t know if you want to just skip over this and just show her as an adult on Themyscira. 2. Her own acceptance of her role on Earth.

She has two rites of passage. 1. The challenge that shows her as worthy of being the emissary from Paradise Island. 2. A little more complex, a challenge that shows she is worthy of being Earth’s hero as well.

As an outsider, Diana is able to see problems in society and know how to fix them. But as an Amazon, she’s practically perfect, so she comes off as lording over other people and condescending. This comes into play very much with Steve Trevor, the love interest.

As a warrior, she is a brutal combatant. Amazons fight with their whole body and souls. But she must learn, as she fights, that just because she has the power to destroy her enemies, she also has the power not to destroy them.

She is the Amazons’ champion on Earth, and Ares chooses Cheetah. Whereas Ares is a strategist as well as a warrior, Cheetah is pure ferocity. Not sure what the MacGuffin would be that makes them fight. Wonder Woman is able to completely defeat Cheetah, and chooses to let her live even though she deserves to die. It’s part of her rite of passage to being a human. Or, better than human. We fight for oil and territory. She has to show us a better way.

In a sequel, Ares will pit her allegiance to the Amazons against her sworn duty to protect Earth. She can only save one.

Oh, and Lynda Carter has to play her mother.



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