Thor trailer-a writer’s review

Posted: August 1, 2010 in All, Comic Books, Movies, Reviews
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I was never much of a Thor fan. I like the character all right, but all that “thou” and “zounds” got really hard to read. But what’s worse is the continuity. It’s hard enough to learn of the Norse mythology, but then it’s blended and mixed in with half a century of Avengers and other stories.

So the lesson here: If you’re going to borrow a mythology, either stick to it 100% or just take a few things and ignore the rest.

Because continuity is a huge wall to a new reader. Add a complex second backstory – mythology – and you’ve just built the wall higher.

Anyway, the trailer was good and bad.

It gave me a few small chills. I liked that this is a story of Thor’s redemption. In the comics Thor is a blowhard and only sees things in black and white. But I never really thought of him as a problem child. But yeah, he got tossed from Asgard. He’s like Lucifer, except it didn’t turn out the same. I wonder if Thor and Mephisto ever had a talk about that.

Other good things: The actor (despite the guyliner) looked the part. He’s an unknown, which is good. It’s directed by Kenneth Branagh, which is a curious choice. The costume and hammer all look good, and even Loki’s horns don’t look ridiculous. I was able to guess that certain characters were Fandral, etc. just with a second of screen time. And Jesus Christ, Destroyer?

I’m guessing that SHIELD guy bites it. He’s done amazingly well for a nobody character who I thought was an extra until the very end of Iron Man.

The Bad:

It isn’t really Bad as unexpected. Maybe I was the only one who was imagining this, but I wanted this movie to be more of a sword and sorcery epic. But the trailer shows explosions. Loud music. Thor knocking through an unending supply of generic guys in black.

It looked like every other super hero movie trailer. Maybe that was the editor’s fault. Maybe Branagh is purposely trying to ape comic book movies for fun. Or maybe he was told to do it. Or Marvel is trying to cash in on what made Iron Man tons of money. (Charismatic bad guy’s path to redemption littered with badder bad guys and rock music.)

Super hero movies have become a genre at best, and a formula at worst. Let’s try to make each one different.


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