Even comic book companies aren’t taking on writers.

Posted: July 4, 2010 in All, Comic Books, Submissions
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I went to the Philadelphia Comicon last month and asked a few publishers if they’d be interested in scripts.

Avatar said they only publish big names. So, you have to be successful before you’re successful.

Zenescape said they can’t match artists, but if I have an artist draw it first “we’ll seriously consider it,” but there’s no room in the publishing schedule to do other people’s work.

My wife, a teacher, said she heard there are 100 teachers applying for every teaching position. That’s how bad the job market is.

When I look at the people at a comic book convention, most of them are probably storytellers. So there’s probably tens of thousands of stories for every slot in a publishing company’s schedule.

So, it looks like I’m back to the ol’ drawing board. Or, getting someone else to be at the drawing board, anyway.


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