Not everyone is a writer

Posted: June 28, 2010 in All, Movies, Prose, TV
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Whenever a character is given a great monologue – an Oscar moment – and they finally reveal why they are who they are, they use a lot of detail. They craft these incredible stories, seemingly off the cuff. They place you right in the scene. They do everything a good writer is supposed to do.

But they’re not good writers.

If the character is a writer (as many of them tend to be), then that’s OK. I guess. We writers tend to talk more dramatically than the dirt-smeared common folk. But if this is supposed to be a normal person, they shouldn’t tell a story like it’s prose.

They should stumble, mess up, start over, everything you’ve ever really done when telling a story. When have you ever looked off with a misty gaze telling a story while someone else just listened patiently?

Really, people don’t want to share their real emotions. Very few people have the kind of relationships where they can do that. Instead, how they are feeling should come out through what they are not saying.


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