Red Hulk

Posted: June 14, 2010 in All, Comic Books, Reviews
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Red Hulk

I was a little skeptical going into this. Red Hulk? Really? But it was OK.

The main problem I had was it was all smash, no heart.

There were six issues of some really mega fights. Punches hitting so hard they could destroy the Earth. But I didn’t really care. I didn’t know what was at stake. Red Hulk wanted to beat or kill a bunch of people, but his motivations were so vague, that I didn’t really care.

If something was different, this would have been an amazing story. I would have really felt for the hopeless innocents caught in the crossfire. But instead, I just felt like they did: witnessing senseless brutality with no hope of understanding it.

And the other thing: How many times can the SHIELD Helicarrier be destroyed? Why do they even still make them any more? This one winds up crashing in Lakehurst, New Jersey, where the Hindenburg went up in flames. The geography of the story is a bit off, though, since the Helicarrier was flying near New York City when it started to go down. I’ve stood on the spot where the people on the Hindenburg lost their lives, and it’s pretty far from New York.


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