“Stop saying ‘cried,’ “ he cried.

Posted: May 31, 2010 in All, Children's books and movies
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Every children’s book I’ve read has a character crying out something.

“We’re going to find Nemo,” Marlin cried.

“Squeek,” cried the little red wagon.

Not even a “Franklin shouted” or “Little Critter said angrily.”

Every time I read it, it stands out, like someone flicks me in the forehead with a finger.

They must be sick of saying “said.” Combine that with the urge to use more exciting verbs with children’s books. But it’s overdone.

I’ve heard that writers, maybe journalists specifically, are allowed three exclamation points their entire career. Maybe that should be applied to “cried.” They should be allowed one per book. Or one per three books. That’s it.


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