No Freaking Kids’ comics on Free Comic Book Day

Posted: May 2, 2010 in All, Children's books and movies, Comic Books
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“No. Freaking. Way.”

That was a quote from the “Billy Batson and the Power of Shazam” story in DC Kids Mega Sampler 2010. While not a curse word, I doubt you’ll find a parent that would be happy to have a child reading or saying that word.

DC fucked up.

There were several stories in the book, and each one had some non-kiddie issues in it.

The Batman-Martian Manhunter story was OK, if for an older crowd. But as a sampler, I guess anything goes.

I thought the Tiny Titans were cute, but there wasn’t anything there, really. Stretched really thin with a few jokes only adults would get.

A tangram puzzle with an obscure character like Angle Man.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just overly sensitive to it because I constantly keep an eye out for kids’ comics. My own daughter just turned three, and asks me to read comic books to her. I just sum up the story while we go through the pictures, but still.

At least there were non-DC ads in it.

And I don’t think I even saw a Marvel kids’ book.


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