Lost and Comic Book Event Fatigue

Posted: April 15, 2010 in All, Comic Books, TV
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An article in Entertainment Weekly questioned if there will ever be another show as good/popular as “Lost.” The short answer is probably not.

What they excluded in the long answer is a term coined in comic book coverage called “event fatigue.” Basically, there are so many huge stories, one right after another, that readers grow weary. In comic books, it’s like: “End of the Avengers Civil War Skrull Invasion” and it never ends. Readers just don’t have the emotional capacity to care anymore. Like crossovers, and the return of a beloved dead character, the industry took something good and overdid it.

So, no one has the capacity to get into another hour-long show full of mysteries that may or may not ever be solved. TV stations routinely try to duplicate a formula. “If it worked once, it will work a million times,” they think. But none of them have heard of event fatigue.

In my own comics, I’m prone to wanting to do big events, because that’s what I’m reading. But when I step away from it for a minute, I realize that the stories I really remember, that really feel good, are short and sweet. One-shots, even. Nothing even has to “happen.” You could miss this issue and still understand the continuity. All you’d miss is a really good issue.


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