Some small publishers are just imprints

Posted: February 22, 2010 in All, Submissions
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A funny thing happened when I tried to send my humor book out to publishers.

First, I did my due diligence. I went to a book store, looked at books that were similar to mine, and wrote down the company names. I did my research.

Some of the companies seemed small and accessible, addressing a small niche. But when I looked them up online, they are really just a tentacle of some larger company. And that larger company doesn’t accept unsolicited submissions.

Everything seems to be an imprint of something else. I’m sure there was a financial reason behind this. And in today’s economy, you can do anything you want and say it’s a financial decision.

Three Rivers Press and Crown are through Random House, which is agent only. There’s an imprint called It through HarperCollins, and HarperCollins in general is agent only. Gotham is part of Penguin, which is agent only.

Black Dog and Leventhal is part of Workman Press. Lyons Press is part of Globe Pequot. These aren’t as big as the others.

Citadel, Seven Footer, Running Press, Ulysses, Cider Mill and Skyhorse seem to really be small publishers that are more open to new writers, as long as your work fits their bill.


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