Salinger’s silence

Posted: January 31, 2010 in All, Prose
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J.D.Salinger was a recluse, which is not allowed. He said in an interview that he kept writing all these years, but he wrote for himself.

For years, all I’ve been doing is writing for myself, because I haven’t sold any work.

I’ve often said that writing and sending out manuscripts is really just an expensive hobby. Part of you dreams of publication, but these dreams can be distracting. Ultimately, if masses of people are never going to see your work, then the only audience you have to worry about is you. You should be writing the things you want to read anyway, right?

Salinger quit the spotlight and wrote books for decades. Stories only he was going to read.

Stephen King quit, but couldn’t stay off his addiction.

Emily Dickinson never published a damn thing. And just look at how much she saved on stamps.

I guess if it’s good enough for J.D., it’s good enough for me.


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