Spider-man 4 notes and Spider-man 5

Posted: January 16, 2010 in All, Comic Books, Movies, YouTube
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Spider-Man 4


He saves the people he loves as Peter Parker.

What’s the Lizard’s big plan? To make other people into Lizards and to remain a Lizard himself permanently.

Establish that spidey was successful in creating Connors’ cure, show the Connors family grieving while he’s on the loose.


Might be a bit anticlimactic, taking out the Lizard before you take out his henchmen? However, there hasn’t been a 30+ mutant fight in the movie as of that point. Nah. It makes it different. It’s a good team-up at the end.

Final showdown with the Lizard. Spidey has two syringes. The Lizard doesn’t realize that Spider-Man has already cured his aunt. Spidey tells him that one of the syringes holds the Iso-36 for Aunt May, and the other holds Dr. Connors’ cure. The Lizard gets the upper hand, and demands the Iso-36, which will keep him as the Lizard forever. Spider-Man happily obliges and hands it over. The Lizard gets suspicious. What’s the other vial for, he asks. Spidey says the other one is the cure. The Lizard doesn’t trust him and takes that one instead. The Lizard injects himself and in a dramatic encore turns back into Dr. Curt Connors. The one Spidey had given him was the Iso-36, knowing the Lizard wouldn’t trust him and demand the other one, which was the cure.

We need to establish that Dr. Connors only has one arm before the lizard experiment. So that’s why we see him before we see MJ.

Aunt May gets sick, or is injured by one of the lizards, and need a blood transfusion. Just like in the comics, Peter’s radiated blood hurts her, and she gets worse really fast. I don’t know about that. Why would Peter risk giving her a blood transfusion. He knows better.

He opens the back and it’s empty. He looks around and he sees all the equipment strung up in buildings and trees along the road he took.


Peter has taken on a job teaching high school science at a really troubled school. No one will teach there. They’re too afraid. That’s how he was able to get a job without a teaching degree. As luck would have it, the gym teacher there is none other than Flash Thompsen. Their rivalry begins anew.

All the hype and buzz about Spider-Man 5 should revolve around the new villain, Hobgoblin, and how he is connected to the Osborn legacy. There should also be a note on IMDB or something where he teams up with Shocker. But when you’re watching the movie, there’s this intricate plot involving people you don’t know. Later, when Spidey tracks the Hobgoblin down, he is in league with Shocker, Stunner, Vulture, Hydro-Man, and the Jackal. During the fight with the new Sinister Six, Spidey starts to realize that his spider-sense isn’t going off. In fact, nothing seems to be really happening in the fight.

It’s then that Spidey realizes all these people are illusions. He leaves and tries to find what’s really happening. This was all to distract him from Mysterio’s (“Miss Cheerio?”) ultimate plan, which involved all the subplot stuff in the beginning that seemed unnecessary at the time.

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