who browses for books anymore?

Posted: January 6, 2010 in All, Prose
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Last night, I went to a B. Dalton book store that was closing. 50% off. I read very slowly, so I really didn’t take full advantage of it. I bought Ray Bradbury’s “From the Dust Returned.” A collection of super hero short fiction called “Who Can Save Us Now?” 3 Get Fuzzy collections and X-Men Secret Invasion.

But here’s the thing: Except for “Who Can Save Us Now?” I didn’t really browse for anything. I’d already read the X-Men. I know I like Ray Bradbury and Get Fuzzy. There were lots of authors I thought I might like. Series I might try. Titles that sounded interesting. But, really, who browses anymore?

When was the last time you bought something off the shelf that you had absolutely no prior knowledge about?


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